Important! To understand the SFI Compensation Plan, you must first understand CV (Commission Volume). Every product on a Zing Network site has a CV value, which is the maximum amount of commissions paid out for that product. Learn how CV is calculated. 

Retail Commissions


Qualification: Affiliate

SFI’s powerful Direct Commission program works like this: each time one of your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) OR Personally Referred Members (PRMs) places an order at any of our Zing Network properties, you earn 45% of the CV.

And once you sign up a member or affiliate, they become your customer for life!* SFI takes care of all order processing, product shipments, and customer service at no cost to you, and pays you a Direct Commission for every order placed by your members and affiliates for life!*

TIP: You can find the Direct Commission (DC) you can earn for any product by checking on that product’s details page on a given Zing Network site. The DC (Direct Commission), CSC (Co-Sponsor Commission), EP (Executive Pool), CV (Commission Volume), and VP (VersaPoints) are included in each product’s description.

To start earning Direct Commissions, just start referring members and sponsoring SFI affiliates. See SFI Basics to learn how.
S-Builder Co-op can help you grow your Direct Commissions. Learn More.
Co-Sponsor Commissions

Qualification: Executive Affiliate

Co-Sponsors share in the financial benefits and support responsibilities of their Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs). Each time one of your CSAs places an order at any Zing Network property, you earn 15% of the CV.

Earnings Example: An order is placed by one of your co-sponsored SFI affiliates (CSA) that has $28 CV. You earn a $4.20 Co-Sponsor Commission (15% of $28).

You can get CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) in the following ways:

1. Attain Executive Affiliate (EA) rank, get a minimum of TWO (2) CSAs each month you keep that rank (minimum 1500 VP) or above.

2. Win CSAs via Pricebenders Auctions.

3. Become Booster Club Qualified (BCQ) and get 10 CSAs every month you remain qualified, via the CSA Rewards Program.

4. In addition to the BCQ CSA benefit above, the CSA Rewards Program can award you dozens more CSAs every month.

5. Become a Team Leader (TL) to qualify for shares of “Second Home CSAs,” CSAs forfeited by inactive affiliates and who need a NEW co-sponsor. As a TL, you must opt in to recieve these CSAs by selecting the option at the bottom of your main My Account index page. The Second Home CSAs will be automatically added to your team, with YOU as their new co-sponsor!

• Receive 1 share if you’re a Bronze Team Leader
• Receive 2 shares if you’re a Silver Team Leader
• Receive 3 shares if you’re a Gold Team Leader
• Receive 4 shares if you’re a Platinum Team Leader
• Receive 6 shares if you’re a Diamond Team Leader

Important Qualification Note! You MUST maintain EA status to retain any CSAs you have been assigned. If you lose your EA status, you immediately forfeit ALL CSAs you’ve acquired to date.

Learn more about Co-Sponsored Affiliates.

Executive Pool

Qualification: Executive Affiliate

SFI’s Executive Pool provides a simple, easy, and lucrative income stream that ALL SFI affiliates can tap into every month. Zing Network powered sites are some of the fastest-growing e-commerce Websites in the world, and we put 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase–companywide–into the Executive Pool for our affiliates to share in!

There are THREE ways to share in the pool:

1. Receive one share of the month’s pool for each VersaPoint (VP) you accumulate during the month.

VP can be earned for doing a wide variety of actions (see your VP Ledger).The more VP you score, the more you will earn from the Executive Pool! It’s that simple.

SPECIAL NOTE: For purchases by your PRMs, you’ll ALSO earn all the VP** on the order–which can earn you additional shares of the Executive Pool!

Earnings Example: An order is placed by one of your personally referred members that has $23 CV and 1,725 VP. You earn a $10.35 Direct Commission (45% of $23) and 1,725 shares in the Executive Pool.

2. Become a Team Leader to earn matching VP on points earned by your EAs.

A. As a Bronze Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EAs in your downline within 6 levels (including your CSAs).

B. As a Silver Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EAs in your downline within 8 levels (including your CSAs).

C. As a Gold Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EAs in your downline within 10 levels (including your CSAs).

D. As a Platinum Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EAs in your downline within 12 levels (including your CSAs).

E. As a Diamond Team Leader, you’ll receive matching VP on all EAs in your downline within 12 levels (including your CSAs), plus double matching VP on affiliates on the 12th level.

Matching VP Example: You are an STL. The EAs in your first 8 levels account for a total of 57,500 VP this month, so YOU earn a matching 57,500 shares of the Executive Pool.

Important Qualification Note: To earn matching VP, you must hold the rank of Team Leader and maintain a minimum 3-star Sponsor Rating (not applicable w/less than 5 ratings).

3. Earn more with Milestone Shares!

For every 10 personal VP you earn, you earn up to 18 bonus shares of the Executive Pool, paid to you upon reaching the milestones of SFI’s five Team Leader ranks! Shares are “banked” for you automatically, as follows:

  • 10 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is Affiliate or EA
  • 12 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is BTL
  • 14 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is STL
  • 16 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is GTL
  • 18 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is PTL

Each time you hit a milestone (i.e., advance to BTL, STL, etc.), all non-expired shares you’ve banked to date are automatically added to your monthly commissions as a one-time bonus. View your currently banked shares here or learn more about Milestone Shares.

IMPORTANT! Milestone Shares earned expire after one year, so don’t wait too long to reach your milestone!

To earn shares in the Executive Pool, just accumulate VP by doing the actions on your SFI To-Do List (earn more by becoming a Team Leader)
S-Builder Co-op can help you increase the number of Executive Pool shares you earn. Learn More.


BONUS Benefits

Qualification: Affiliate

In addition to the commission streams listed above, SFI affiliates have the opportunity to earn hundreds, even thousands, of BONUS TCredits and Rewardical Tokens in SFI daily contests, monthly drawings, Eager Zebra Games, Pricebenders auctions, and more. Use your TCredits to purchase products at; exchange your Rewardicals for silver bullion, Bitcoin, VP, and more!

Learn more about earning TCredits–including FREE TCredits–HERE.

And check out THIS LIST for the ways you can collect valuable Rewardical Tokens every month.

For details on ALL your bonus benefits you get as an SFI Affiliate, see the Benefits Chart.

11 Reasons Why The SFI Comp Plan Rocks!

Retail Commissions

1. Clean, simple, generous, and fair! 
2. No purchase requirements…ever! 3. Start earning income immediately just by doing simple free actions!4. Earn cash in three ways: Direct Commissions, Co-Sponsor Commissions, and Executive Pool5. Qualify for EVERY type of compensation with as little as 1500 VP a month!6. All qualifying VP can be generated with just actions, or combinations of actions and sales at any of our Zing Network powered sites!

7. A huge 40% of the Commission Volume (CV) on EVERY sale at any of our Zing Network powered sites goes into the Executive Pool. Share in this big, companywide pool with a minimum of just 1500 VP a month!

8. With thousands of available products, our Zing Network powered sites have something for everyone. This makes selling products online both fun and lucrative. And it’s even easier to earn VP with Transfer Buying (buying from Zing sites the products you already buy elsewhere)!

9. Fast upfront compensation and great long-term residual income potential too!

10. There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Go as wide as you want while also earning deep into your organization via the Executive Pool!

11. Get paid in your country’s currency via our Payoneer™ MasterCard or via check or PayPal. See our Getting Paid FAQs for more information HERE.


E-Commerce Associates

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